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The CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors

In March and April, my site statistics show that a LOT of people had stumbled upon my blog while googling for Cleo Most Eligible Bachelors. Being the traffic whore that I am, I am blogging this again after my previous post featuring bachelor #23. Cleo has a website to vote for the most eligible bachelors. You can see all the bachelors on this website. Being the good auntie that I am, I have also found that you can even email […]

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Most eligible bachelor – Girls, come please!

Many female bloggers are mad with me because I said that we (Malaysians) are lacking bloggers like Xiaxue. To make it up to them, I hereby offer my olive branch. Go get yourself a copy of Cleo and ogle the most eligible bachelor # 23. Then, come here and take a number from auntie. Line up properly, please. No cat clawing and no bitching please. Auntie doesn’t like animals such as dogs and cats. Especially female dogs. Thanks to Penny […]

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Can OhKau (stout) cooks an egg? and Go wild plug

I saw my bro-in-law offering bottles and cans of ohkau (Guiness Stout) at my father-in-law’s grave. Last two Sundays, my eldest brother did the same thing for my father’s grave. So, I got extremely curious and bought myself a bottle of stout for the virgin taste. Hey, it tastes like beer, only more flavourful. I don’t know why I had been given the impression that it is extremely bitter. Question – Is it true that one can knock an egg […]

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